Why is Residential Window Tinting a Thing?

Tinted windows are a laminated film applied on the interior or exterior glass surface. This is one of the versatile and important materials car owners, business owners, and even homeowners prioritize purchasing. Its significance is what made residential window tinting a thing because it offers several benefits to homeowners, such as:

Save Money on Energy Bills

In winter, up to 20% of the heat inside a home escape through windows, causing the heater to work harder and increasing electricity costs. A high-performance tint film can stop the heat transfer and help the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system stay more efficient, reducing home energy use and the homeowner’s monthly heating and cooling costs.

Boost Curb Appeal

One of the common types of window tinting many desires that augment an establishment’s charm is ceramic window tint. Many property owners find this material an easy and economical way to make their homes more attractive. This is not surprising since it adds value to the property’s exterior and will improve its street charm, which is a major factor in the sale price of a home.

Privacy and Security

Many people have their home windows tinted to increase their privacy. It is a great way to protect the privacy of their loved ones and keep the family safe from intruders.

Safety and Shatter Resistant

Those living in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and other windy weather can benefit from safety and shatter-resistant window films that resist breakage. They can hold shattered glass together and prevent injuries from flying debris.

These are the customary reasons why numerous consumers give importance to window tints. The only drawback is it can be costly. However, houseowners should not regret on purchasing and installing one since there are more other benefits that it can offer to their property. Learn more about them in the infographic below brought to you by OC Tintz:

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