Simple Guide on How to Clean A Tinted Car Window

Once tint films are professionally applied to your car windows, you will surely notice all its incredible benefits for you, as a car owner, and for the vehicle itself. On top of that, as you started using the applied window film, San Francisco, it is best if you will do some proper care and maintenance to ensure that it will last long.

With that, here is a simple guide on how you can clean your tinted windows properly.

How to Clean Tinted Windows Properly

  1. Park in the shade

When cleaning windows under direct sunlight, the cleaner dries too rapidly, making it difficult to clean them properly. To park and clean your automobile, look for a shady spot or a garage. Avoid parking under sappy trees such as pines, as tree sap might damage your vehicle’s finish.

  1. Clean your windows last

Save the windows for the last while cleaning your car. You will not end up rinsing or spraying dirt onto freshly cleaned windows this way. Apply the tint-safe cleaner ahead of time to dirty windows for easier cleaning later.

  1. Spray tint-friendly cleaner and wipe away dirt

An ammonia-free cleaner can be used on the interiors and exteriors of windows. Check the instructions on the bottle to see if you need to mix your cleaner in a bucket first. Wipe the inside and outside surface separately to avoid missing anything. Clean the tint film edges with a damp cloth, then dry the edges with a dry cloth to prevent the cleaner from seeping behind the tint film. To clean, use one microfiber cloth. Then dry the windows with the other fabric.

  1. Use a bucket of water for extremely dirty windows

If your windows are particularly filthy, rinse your cleaning cloth in water frequently to avoid spreading dirt around them. Do not get the window tinting San Francisco edges too wet with cleaning or water. If moisture gets under the tint film, it might tear away from the glass.

If you have hard tap water, fill the bucket with distilled water instead of tap water. White stains on your glass might be caused by hard tap water.

  1. Check for missed spots

From the inside and exterior of your vehicle, look for any missed spots on your windows. To catch any dirty areas, change your viewing angles and take a few steps back. Spray the tint-friendly cleaner onto your cleaning cloth, wipe the spot, and then buff dry with the drying towel if any missed spots appear.

To know more tips on how to properly care for and maintain tinted windows, visit KEPLER Window Films and Coatings.

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