A how-to guide in removing your old window tints [Infographics]

Window tints are one of the most expensive accessories a car owner can invest on, but it is not a one-time purchase item.

These thin layers of films have its own life span, depending on the materials’ quality, how it was installed and how much sunlight it is being exposed to. Normally, vehicle owners reinstall window tints numerous times for just a single car and removing each is not easy at all, even quality window films in Mentor OH are no exception.

How to know when to change window tints? Take note that discoloration and bubble formations are the most evident signs for tints replacement. Since car window tinting in Mentor OH are in demand now days, and not only in this area but also in other states that sometimes, booking a shop for reinstalling tints gets delayed due to service demands. One can remove old tints on their own with simple tips:

  1. Cut a small portion in one corner of the film.
  2. Peel off the film slowly.
  3. Spray soapy water mixture on the windows
  4. Let the mixture sit.
  5. Scrape adhesives that were left behind.
  6. Clean your windows.

If you want to learn more tips in removing old car window tints, read the infographic below from KEPLER Window Films and Coatings.

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