Debunking window tint myths

There are many myths about window tint and you need to arm yourself with a little information before making any decisions. This can be one of the most important investments you make so you need to do your homework to find the right product for your needs. If you’ve been told that having your windows tinted is not a good idea, you might want to ensure that this statement has been true before basing any decisions on it. Modern auto window tint, properly installed, will not change color or bubble up.

One of the most common myths about window tint is that it will not keep sunlight out. This is not true. The film does a great job at blocking out all of the suns harmful rays. They also prevent heat from entering the vehicle’s interior and entering the fuel compartment. In the cold weather, the film helps to keep your passengers cooler by reducing glare.

Many people have also been mislead into thinking that there are some window tint myths that are just plain wrong. Some of these common misconceptions include the belief that window films will not last as long as the original tint. Even though films will fade over time, they will never go away completely. There are also some misconceptions as to how much time you will have to remove the tint. Most people think that you will have to remove it every morning to get a fresh look but this is not true.

Another one of the big window tint myths is that if you get a really good film, it will not blow away in the wind. This myth is true if you choose a clear film instead of a frosted option. The reason this myth is true is because the film will not completely cover the glass when the wind blows. If you do not want to get caught out in the rain while driving, you should try to find a film that will allow some of the glass to be seen through.

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