How To Buy Good Used Plastic Machinery

Used Plastic Machinery

If you have decided to try your luck in the plastic production business, you will need a molding machine. Since a new mold can be very expensive, you have to invest in used plastic machinery if you are operating on a tight budget.  There are some used molders that can be just as good as new ones, but there are others that may end up creating huge losses that your business cannot endure.  The following are some tips on how to buy used injection machines.

Before you purchase any used plastic machinery, make sure that you ask about its age. Mold age will give an idea of the degree of possible future problems. Even if you are on a tight budget, you should not invest in a very old mold as it will probably give more problems compared to a newer mold.

Another thing you need to do when looking for a good used injection molding machine to buy is ask for part drawings as well as mold design drawings. This makes it easier to modify or repair the mold. This is a very crucial point because without the drawings, your mold maker will be forced to spend time making his own drawings, something that can turn out to be very expensive.

You also need to find out who made the used plastic machinery you want to buy. If the mold was made from an injection mold manufacturer with a good reputation, it will give you some confidence into the reliability as well as quality of the mold.

Do not forget to ask about the part plastic material and mold size to make sure it is compatible with your injection molding machinery.

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