How To Get A Private PCR Test

Private PCR Test

PCR test is one of the best reliable COVID-19 tests which gives accurate test results. It does this by analyzing the genetic material of the virus. The test is mostly used to determine the severity of the virus in the affected individuals. Today, people can get tested from a public facility such as a government lab. People can also get the covid 19 testing from a private company. For private company testing, the lab only reports the testing to health agencies and ministries only when the person in question tests positive for the COVID-19. The close contacts of the person in question can then be monitored through contact tracing. The following is the process by which one can get a private PCR test.

For status, any individual can get a free private PCR test if he or she is experiencing the symptoms of the coronavirus such as fever, dry cough, loss of taste and smell, and also a sore throat. If a person is in close contact with a person who has tested positive for the coronavirus,  then he or she will be sent a message by the private company if the person found to be infected with the coronavirus also went to be tested at the private company. In most cases where one is not able to book a test online, the contact tracing team will always call the person to remind him or her to arrange for one.

After booking for a private PCR test, an individual will receive a free GP assessment inclusive of GP out-of-hours services. One caution is that, at all costs, one has to refrain from contacting a GP for surgery, pharmacy, or hospital since the GP will assess him or her over the phone.

After GP assessment, where it has been determined that an individual needs a private PCR test, the GP will arrange for one. While waiting for the test, it is important that one practices self-isolation, and also his or her family needs to restrict their movements.

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