Methods Of Getting A COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 Test

Generally, man is known to survive century after century by adapting to change. True evidence to this is in regards to the Covid-19. To survive the pandemic, countries, nations, and states around the world had to come up with objective-driven and sustainable testing methods that could help in identifying individuals who were already affected by the virus.

After identification of persons that were affected by the virus, countries, and states globally coordinated with medical scientists to invent ways of COVID-19 testing. In cases where it was not possible to carry out the testing, healthcare facilities and agencies urged people who were experiencing Covid like symptoms to go for testing in authorized facilities. The following are the testing methods that were used.

The first method in which an individual could and can get tested for the COVID-19 test is through the use of antigen tests. These tests are usually conducted by taking nasal and throat swabs. The testing machines can then detect a protein that is part of the virus from the samples taken from the swabs. Antigen tests are therefore useful when there is a necessity to identify the severity of the virus in a given individual. These tests are quite economical and also time-efficient. Despite antigen tests forming a bigger percentage of coronavirus test diagnostic reports they are laser-accurate and have false negatives of up to 20% of all the samples recorded.

The second method in which an individual could and can get tested for the COVID-19 test is by the use of molecular (PCR) tests. Unlike the antigen test, PCR tests detect the genetic material instead of the protein that is part of the coronavirus in the samples collected using the nasal and throat swabs. Another contrast in relation to the antigen tests, PCR tests take a little bit longer to determine the results. However, PCR tests have an accuracy of close to 100%.

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