What Happens If I Stop Paying My Car Insurance?

What Happens If I Stop Paying My Car Insurance featured image.

Travelling is already a common thing for humans. It is already part of everyone’s livelihood – whether to run quick errands, buy essentials at the grocery shop, go to school or work, and tour for a staycation trip away from the city.


The automobile history is prosperous, considering the invention’s materials are somewhat expensive for a regular commoner. The very first created designed of a wheeled vehicle is made by Leonardo da Vinci back in the days of the 15th century. Thanks to his knowledge and skill for this discovery, the development in transportation continued to grow throughout the following years.


Soon after, there are many different kinds of autos made, ensuing what Leonardo began.


In 1885, Karl Benz – also known as Karl Friedrich Benz – a German engine designer and automotive engineer, created the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. This patent motorcar is the initiative in a produced auto that has an internal combustion engine. Karl introduced it to the masses after he successfully finished his development on the 3rd of July 1886 on Ringstrasse, Mannheim.


There are various kinds of automobiles that you can purchase from auto companies and vary based on what type of engine it has for it to work. Such as:

  • Steam
  • Electric
  • Gasoline


There are other auto types, but these are the most common sorts that you can see up until today.


Nevertheless, suppose you are planning on purchasing a car, or you already own one, as a car owner, you must apply for car insurance. No matter what classification, color, or model your auto has, insurance is a requirement.


Car Insurance is significant, given that various incidences may suddenly happen in the roadway. The highway is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Car crashes mostly happen triggered by a malfunction in the engine or a human-made mishap.


Accidents are difficult to dodge when it is already about to hit you in the face. That’s why you might as well be financially ready with whatever that you may lose in case something unwanted happens.


In case you already have your car ensured, a continuous payment is compulsory to receive the company’s promised reimbursement. However, what will happen if you suddenly stop paying for your auto insurance?


Read the possible scenarios that may occur on the infographic below brought to you by iChoose.PH – a notorious car insurance Alabang company, comprehensive car insurance PH, and health insurance PH benefactor:


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