Make sure that your vehicle can handle changing weather conditions

all-season tires

For safe driving you are relying on your tires, your vehicle and your driving skills. The tires play a fundamental part of making sure that you remain safe when you drive. Weather impacts the ability to drive, but it shouldn’t stop us. It is just very important that you have the right tires for the existing conditions that you will face. With the correct matching of tires and weather, if the quality of the tires is good, you can drive safely.

If you live in an area with big weather changes, alternating between winter and winter weather, then all-season tires will not be enough to cope with the conditions. You will then have to go for having two sets of tires and alternate between then depending on the season, or then you opt for an all-weather tire that should be approved for winter conditions.

The all-weather tire is designed to handle any type of weathers that you might experience.  Winter tires is a better choice if a period of real winter conditions. If you live in an area where the winters are a bit more uncertain and quick changes in weathers might leave you with the wrong tires, then the all-weather tires are a perfect choice. There is a clear benefit to be able to drive regardless of weather conditions.

If you do decide to change tires between the seasons, then you need a set of all-season tires and a set of winter or snow tires. The winter tires need to be on your car before the winter arrives and you need to leave them on until the winter has disappeared in favor for warmer weather. You don’t want to drive with winter tires during the summer as they will get very soft and wear out faster than intended.

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