Reasons why to choose an AA-rated tyre for the summer season

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When you choose AA-rated summer tyres it means that they rate high on both fuel efficiency and wet grip. This is exactly what you want for your summer tyres, as they will ensure that you save money on fuel, the low rolling resistance will also lead to extended tyre life as the wear will be lower and then you will have excellent grip on slippery wet surfaces. Bad wet grip and high rolling resistance is a bad combination as the high rolling resistance will wear out your tyres faster, which will further decrease the wet grip as the tread depth will decrease faster.

You will find the fuel efficiency and the wet grip on the EU tyre label, which is mandatory for all tyres sold within the EU since 2012. The label highlights in addition to the fuel efficiency and the wet grip also the external tyre noise. This can impact the driving comfort especially if you have an electric car, which are quieter and therefore you want to limit other noises that can be disturbing. As excellent it is to have the EU tyre label for tyre selection, the label is not very indicative for winter tyres as the fuel efficiency, wet grip and tyre noise is measured outside the temperature range where they should be used and wet grip is not the key for winter tyres where snow and ice grip is more important. For all-weather tyres they can show how well the tyres perform during summer conditions.

When you select tyres for electric cars you will need to be sure that the tyres are recommended for use on electric vehicles. Not all tyres are recommended for electric vehicles, so if there is nothing mentioned you should avoid selecting them. For electric vehicles it is important to rotate the tyres to even out the wear between the rear and the front tyres and always make sure that you have the most worn out tyres in the front to avoid oversteering.

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