New tyre selection in a crowded market is helped by the EU tyre label and online info

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For all the tyres sold within the EU, they will have an EU tyre label. This has come as an initiative to decrease energy consumption and is on all electrical appliances. This has been done to simplify the process of buying certain items and this includes tyres. Most people are not so knowledgeable about tyres, despite being car owners. They might buy tyres during the years, but many fail to understand the importance of the tyres.

When it comes to tyres, they are an important safety feature of the car, so everyone should be able to make well informed decision on which tyre to select. Before it was very difficult to compare between different tyres. The EU tyre label makes the decision a bit easier. One should realize that these are not the only factors that are important when choosing a tyre, but they are quite standard when making a good decision. You also need to realize that while they are good for summer tyres and all-weather tyres, they will not give reliable values when selecting winter tyres or the performance of all-weather tyres in winter conditions. This is why you will need to rely on online information from tyre tests in addition to the Eu tyre label to find the best tyre option for your car.

The tyre label displays the rolling resistance of the tyre, this is important when it comes to fuel consumption. A tyre with a high rolling resistance consumes more fuel , so there is no reason to choose a tyre that has a high rolling resistance. Those tyres will cause you to spend more money on fuel and stopping more frequently at the petrol station. When you consume more fuel you also emit more CO2, which is bad for the environment. The wear

tends to increase with the higher rolling resistance so the tyres will wear out quicker and have to be replaced sooner.

Then you have the tyre rolling noise, which can impact your driving comfort if the tyre noise is very high. For electric cars this problem can be even more significant as the cars are generally very quiet compared to a combustion engine driven car. There is of course no reason to select a tyre that has a high tyre noise level. It can even be dangerous if the sound level is too loud. Newer tyres have even combated this problem by introducing silent sidewall technology where a rubber layer will dampen the noise to prevent it to get into the coupe.

Finally you have the safety aspect in wet conditions, so not for ice and snow, so this relates more to summer tyres, but is important as it highlights the grip you have on the more challenging wet surfaces compared to the dry and also indicated how quickly you can stop your car, where it will show you the braking distance on wet surfaces.

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