Tyre dimensions can be used when searching for new tyres


.If you are in the market for a new set of tyres, you will need to make sure that you select tyres that fit to your vehicle. It is essential that you follow the size recommendations from the manufacturer and stated in the car’s owner’s manual. If you fit the wrong dimensions your car, the car’s behavior will not be as intended. You will not have the same balance and the car can easily over- or understeer.

When you know that you need 215/65R16 summer tyres, you have a good starting point in your tyre selection as you can search for all available tyres in that dimension. This will exclude at least some tyres. After that you can focus your tyre selection on the key requirements that you have in mind for your tyres. When it comes to summer tyres, most of us are looking for safe tyres with good performance and low fuel consumption. This tends to leave out some of the cheaper tyres, which will have worse performance and higher fuel consumption.

For summer tyres we tend to be helped by the EU tyre marking, which in my mind is not as effective for winter tyres, but for summer tyres it gives a good indication for certain factors. These include rolling resistance, which results in higher fuel consumption and tyre wear, wet grip, which shows their safety on wet surfaces. You also have tyre noise, as that can impact the driving comfort. This can be very important for electrical cars, which are inherently quiet and thus tyre noise can be disturbing. It can potentially also be dangerous if the noise level is too high, as it can potentially cause loss of hearing.

You might have other requirements for your tyres, like high speed ratings or heavy loads, or you might be in need for tyres that are recommended for use on electrical tyres, then this becomes more important than the factors listed on EU tyre marking. This is why you shouldn’t always stare blindly at these and believe these are the most important ones for tyre selection, but more like a late stage selector once you have identified a few suitable candidates.

Purchasing tyres of high quality doesn’t mean that they will last forever. They will outlast lower quality tyres if they are well maintained. You still need to ensure that you use them properly and that you use them for the season they are indicated for. You also need to ensure that the tyre pressure is correct and in accordance with the recommended pressure as stated in the owner’s manual. Too low tyre pressure can reduce the tyre life drastically as well as add costs as you drive due to higher fuel consumption. Therefor cheap tyres can quickly turn into a costly ordeal and you will for sure not have saved any money and in addition you probably drive around with less safe tyres.

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