The tread is an important part of your tires

All-weather tires

The tread of the tires plays a very important part of any tire. The tread and its design determine how good the tires will be when driving. A good tread design for wet roads can help provide better grip, shorter braking distance and safer driving. The same goes for the winter tires, where the tread is responsible for adding the snow and ice driving properties and ensuring that you have sufficient grip. When it comes to prevent aquaplaning or slushplaning you have to rely on the tread to facilitate that. The tread design has to be optimized for this purpose.

Different tires will have different tread design and will therefore behave slightly different on different surfaces. By studying various tire tests, you can check the performance on the driving surface that is most important for you so that you can select a tire that is good for your vehicle. For winter tires and for all-weather tires the tread design becomes even more critical as you have to obtain the necessary safety required to drive during winter conditions. For the non-studded tires, the grip is completely dependent on the tread as they don’t have metal studs as the studded tires do. You need to go with a tire manufacturer that has good knowledge of making excellent tires with good tread for various weather conditions. For the all-weather tires you have to combine all those requirements into one tire.

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