Best ways to maintain your tires

All-season tires

It is important to maintain them to ensure that they last you a long time. Here are a few tips for optimal maintenance of your tires.

Visual inspection

It is importation to check the quality of your tires on a regular basis. Check for any visual damages, in forms of bulges, cuts or cracks. Visit a tire service center if you notice any problems with your tires.

Check tread depth

Check the depth tread. The tires should have at least 5/32 inches of depth for them to operate safely.

Rotation of tires

Rotate the front and rear tires if the difference is bigger than 5/64 inches.  If you alternate between all-season and winter tires, then it makes sense to rotate between each tire change. For tires used on electrical cars and for all-weather tires you will need to measure the difference to find the optimal time.

Check the tire pressure

Make sure that the tire pressure is according to the car’s owner’s manual. Underinflated tires will wear faster and consumer more fuel than if they are properly inflated. Underinflation can also damage the sidewalls of the tires. Overinflated tires will wear out the middle tread and have worse traction than a properly inflated tire.

Optimal tire storage

If you have winter and all-season tires, then make sure that the tires are store properly between the seasons. Tires should be stored in the dark and in cool temperature.

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